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5 Easy Steps

Step 1. Sign up for your School Website.

Schools are able to Sign Up for a website via the Sign Up Form 

Step 2. Email Your Content

In order to set up your website, we need you to email us

  1. 5-8 photos of your school to be used on the Home Page and the banner at the top of the site.
  2. your school crest
  3. your school colours
  4. an introduction blurb

Once we have these items we can build your website. Please see other Sites Completed for inspiration.

Step 3. Website Training

Once you are happy with the initial set up of your site, we provide 1 hour over the phone training session with the main person(s) responsible for the website.

This is where we set up the various Administration Users of the School Website and train the user how to use the system.

There are 4 main levels of secure access: 

  1. Site Administrator (Oversees entire site)
  2. Site Publisher (Can Author and Publish whole / parts of website)
  3. Site Author (Can only Author whole / parts of website)
  4. Member (Secure Access to front of the website "Member Only" sections)

Instructions are available to download for the main editing tools of the website.

Phone and Email Support are available 5 days per week with afterhours emergency support also available. Phone: 1300 857 303.

Step 4. Input Content

After training, schools are able to transfer content from any existing website or add new content. are able to assist with transfer of content. Excessive content transfer and image editing may incur an additional fee. 
Step 5. Go Live

Once you are happy with the amount of content available on your website, your website can "Go Live". Usually this means we have to point the school domain name to our server. Contact us for more information.  

Administration Users can log in and update content at anytime adding, deleting and editing pages, uploading documents such as the school newsletter and changing images.

Schools are welcome to call any time on1300 857 303 for support.