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Our Service

There are many reasons why a school chooses to use our services some of which include:

1. We design the website based on our latest Content Management System (CMS). Each design is unique and clearly representative of the school's individual style and colours (brand / identity). All colours and even style of layouts are easily changed by schools. All sites are 100% updateable with ease.

2. Our School Websites allow schools the ability to clearly display the school's crest and a series of images as part of the design. Some schools have opted for a flash banner (extra cost) which is moving across the screen. Other schools have different images along the top of every page or a collage, which we have designed as part of the initial set up.

3. We offer every school the ability to add unlimited pages / sections. Schools have complete flexibility and yet can still link to Department Content.

4. We provide one on one initial training by phone for each school after we have set up and designed the site so that schools are confident to update and add content.  

5. We provide helpful ongoing support by phone / email  whenever required.